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5 Must Have Security Guard Qualites

Security guards need certain requirements and skillsets to even become one. There are a lot of security guards to choose from in California so how do you know what company to choose? We made a list about what we find important in a security guard and we ensure that these qualities are present in our guards.

  1. Always on time: Punctuality is an important trait all good security guards must-have. Even being a couple of minutes late leaves a guard less time to double-check their equipment and scheduling. Those short minutes give criminals and thieves the ability to take advantage of a guard’s tardiness and gain the upper hand.
  1. Tech Savvy: We live in a world of constant technological advances and it is no different in the security guard industry. Guard that can adapt and apply new tech into their routine is vital in today’s climate. All American Statewide Security uses high-quality, state of the art GPS Tracking systems that clients can receive guaranteed updates from the guards so it is important that they would know how to use it.Mission Viejo Security guards
  1. Be Physically Fit: What good is a security guard if they don’t look a little scary? For events and the like, the guard is usually the person people see first. The health and fitness of a guard are important to help deter crime and be efficient when carrying out their duties. They must be fit enough to run, physically alert, and strong. They must also look like a no-nonsense professional with a neat and clean uniform.
  1. Communication Skills: A good security guard must have great interpersonal skills. They must be able to handle people well and quell any conflicts that arise. Security guards are also there to make clients feel safe and secure allowing them to do what they need without worry. For reports, Guards should be able to articulate what happens in detail. It is important to have every incident written down as well as the status of the situation to let the next shift know exactly what is going on.
  1. Fire Safety/ First Aid Knowledge: Our security guards are screened to provide professional and trustworthy services. We are BSIS approved, licensed, bonded, and insures to provide the highest possible quality service. Good security guards are hyper-aware of their surroundings and will stay focused at all times. If they avoid distractions they can react faster to emergencies such as a fire break out or a situation where first aid is needed.

All American Statewide Security knows how to offer great security guard services. We are properly equipped and trained to handle difficult or unanticipated situations in a professional and safe manner. Let us worry about keeping everything safe. You can call to get a free quote about our services.

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