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Who we are

Here at All American Statewide Security Guards in Orange County, our main objective is to provide our clients with high-quality security guard services for every industry. To confront any potential dangers in the community, our guards are properly equipped and trained to watch over you and your property. We aim to provide immediate security to any establishment to start securing yourself and your property. You can rest assured knowing that your home, property, and family is safe with extra eyes on your valuables and property while bringing to your attention any potential dangers. 

All American Statewide Security guards are screened to offer honest services and exclusive security plans for each industry and profession. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company and need multiple security guard services or a small business looking for a private security guard, we have a service custom-designed just for you. Equipped with state of the art GPS tracking systems, our clients are given access to immediate updates with audio, photo, and notes during all checkpoints throughout security patrol. We are BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) approved, licensed, bonded, insured, and committed to providing clients with one of the highest quality in security guard services industry.

What we offer

Our services include unarmed guards which are good for inconspicuous protection, armed guards for extra protection, and for extra peace of mind. All American Statewide Security Guards also has services for 24 Hour, same-day protection in private, residential, business, campus, church, school, patrol needs, and more. We are here to secure you and your property, hire All American Statewide Security Guards before it is too late. Give our office a call, today. 

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