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Financial Security

All American Statewide Security is one of the top Security Guard Companies in Orange County providing professional, trustworthy, and safe security services for your financial institution in Orange County and other surrounding counties. Our security guards are screened to provide honest service for each customer that may need a security guard no matter the industry.

Financial Security Guard Services Near Me

Financial Security Services are crucial for any business for many different reasons. Often times large companies bring in millions to billions of dollars on an annual basis. There are many reasons for having financial security including, insider trading, fraud, theft, and much more which can all cause major losses to companies or damage the company permanently. Financial Institutions require a high level of security to protect from any outside threats. Our security guards are required to be extremely vigilant to deviate any threats and prevent any such events in the future. 

What Services are Included with Financial Institution Security Services: 

There are many services our financial institution security guards will provide to your company, including: 

  • Unarmed & armed patrols
  • Unarmed & armed concierge services
  • Emergency preparedness measures like first aid/CPR/AED response training to provide an immediate response
  • Prevention of workplace violence, theft, fraud, and overall crime
  • Parking patrol & security 
  • Access control to secure areas
  • Immediate Law Enforcement Communications, to ensure that any crimes in progress are quickly stopped or prevented

Security Guard Services Offered in Orange County

   Unarmed Security Guards

   Patrol Security Guards

   Armed Security Guards

  Private Security Guards

  24 Hour Security Guards

  Fire Watch Security Guards

How will our Financial Security Services Benefit your Industry? 

Detect & Intercept Incidients 

Our professional financial institution security services will lessen incidents, have the ability to improve response times and monitor surveillance footage to help  prevent further security issues. 

Executive-Level Customer Service

Our professional and executive-level customer service security guards are specifically chosen to work in financial institutions environments to benefit your business and provide the ultimate experience for your customers. 

Guarded Restricted Access Areas 

All American Statewide Security Financial Institution Services will provide protection and additional safety to all restricted-area access points from any unauthorized individuals. In addition to guards at the access point the restricted areas as also monitored by our manned security surveillance. 

Continued Business Operations 

Our trustworthy and highly equipped financial institution security guards will prioritize that your day-to-day business operations are not interrupted or impacted by a possible security incident to ensure your business goes back to running smoothly. 

Increase Situational Awareness

All American Statewide Security Services will increase situational awareness to protect any and all assets as well as to detect any and all security incidents and intercept and inform the proper authorities within a timely manner.

Personal Protection

Our security guards are specialized in personal protection operations and our professional security services will deter the safety and protection of you, your assets and your employees.


If you are in the market for a top-notch and professional security service, All American Statewide Security Services is the company for all of your financial institution security services. 

If you have any questions regarding our services or would just like to speak to someone from our team, please contact us today to get started on a solution for your financial institution security services. We are happy to go over any questions or concerns that you may have. 

All American Statewide Security Services Offer Financial Security Services in the Following Areas: 

Orange County

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Bernandino



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