Security Guard Services In Orange County

How Important are Security Guards?

Hiring a security guard can be one of the most beneficial things to do for your company as well as having a huge positive impact on your staff and their safety. Well-trained security guards with the proper equipment can safely protect your building, customers, property and employees from potential threats or crime before they happen. If something were to happen, your security guard can coordinate appropriate response actives to ensure that all measures of security are properly taken. 

Businesses that Require Security Guards

There are many benefits of having a security guard on-site, even the presence of a security guard can deter potential crime before it happens as well. While every business could benefit from having a security guard protecting their property, there are other industries where security guards are most needed and effective.

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Government Buildings
  • Movie Theaters
  • Construction Sites
  • Gas Stations/Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants

By ensuring you have a security guard for the industries stated above you can almost guarantee yourself less of a headache in the future. A rule of thumb to use when deciding if you should hire a security guard is to ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions below it is likely you should hire a security guard for your business or property.

  • Is your business located in a high crime area?
  • Is your business open late at night?
  • Does your business or property have a lot of valuables or cash on hand?
  • Do you deal with erratic or emotional customers where you would need a security guard?

Advantages of a Security Guard

Hiring a security guard company such as All American Statewide Security can be fast and easy for any person. Our guards are fully-trained to tackle any task and equipped to handle any situation thrown at them.  With a state of the art GPS tracking system, our clients are guaranteed immediate updates on their guards with audio, photo, and note updates during all checkpoints throughout their patrol.

To confront any changes in the community such as recent criminal activity or theft, our security guards are properly equipped and trained to protect you and your property. Our services cover every industry all over California from Armed Security Guards and Fire Watch Security Guards to Private Security Guards in Orange County. Simply by having a visible security guard on your property you are able to deter over 50% of potential crime or threats as well as have a heightened sense of security around your entire property.  By increasing your security it can give your employees peace of mind while working and your help your customers feel safe to shop and engage without having to watch their backs the entire time they are on your property.

All of All American Statewide Security Guards in OC are trained to look for suspicious individuals while on the job which can cause a troublemaking person to ditch their original plans once they see a physical security guard on-site that has noticed them as well. In addition to CCTV monitoring, our commercial security guards are equipped with years of hands-on experience protecting and keeping businesses in any industry safe whether they are an armed security guard protecting employees and the property during business hours or simply a patrol security guard looking for suspicious activity at nighttime.

Start Providing Immediate Protection

All American Statewide Security Guards aim to provide immediate protection to any establishment in any industry. Start protecting yourself and your property before it is too late by hiring a Security Guard Company Orange County, today. You can rest assured knowing that your home, property, and family is safe with extra eyes on your valuables and property protecting you from any violent crimes or theft. Call All American Statewide Security for your complimentary quote for security guard service Orange County, for same-day security guards or to schedule an upcoming service.

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