Security Guard Services In Orange County

Medical Facility 

If you are in need of a reliable medical facility security guard, All American Statewide Security offers reliable and professional medical facility security guards for your needs. Our professional security guard services offer quality service and exclusive security plans for medical facility security guards. All American Statewide Security guards is sure to meet and exceed any and all expectations to provide your medical facility with the highest-quality medical facility security guards. 

Why is a Medical Facility Security Guard Service Necessary? 

While oftentimes medical facilities such as hospitals, doctors' offices, and buildings can often be overcrowded with a large amount of foot traffic every day there is always a potential risk of security breaches. Ranging from theft to aggravated assault there is always a risk of crime where a security guard is needed to diffuse the situation. Because healthcare professionals can not be expected to handle the potential risks on their own it is crucial to have a medical facility security guard on-site to ensure smooth operations and there are as few disruptions of business as possible. 

Our Skilled Medical Facility Security Services Include: 

Our experienced, skilled and professional medical facility security guards offer the following services: 

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Guards 
  • Foot, Bike, and Golf Cart Security as well as offering transportation options, to provide a quick and flexible response to threats.
  • Metal Detector Screening
  • Fire Watch Security
  • Standing Security Guards

Security Guard Services Offered in Orange County

   Unarmed Security Guards

   Patrol Security Guards

   Armed Security Guards

  Private Security Guards

  24 Hour Security Guards

  Fire Watch Security Guards

How will our Medical Security Services Benefit your Industry? 

Hacking And Spyware Protection

Ensuring there is a constant eye on the staff to identify for any type of suspicious activity within the facility. 

Patient And Staff Protection

We will help protect patients and staff by ensuring there is no unauthorized entry that could pose a risk to any patients or medical professionals. 

Staff Identification

Our security guards will provide extra security within server rooms and records to prevent any physical HIPPA security breaches. 

HIPPA And Human Asset Protection

Our security guards will provide a security solution for protecting the healthcare professionals and patients within the facility in case of an emergency. 

Fire Watch Security

Our professional security guards at All American Statewide Security have the ability to protect you and the property as well as inform the proper authorities in case of a potential fire. 

Security System Surveillance 

At the request and direction of management, we will perform key tours and direct traffic within parking lots to the designated areas. 

Reporting Activity

You will stay up to date by receiving reports of any suspicious activity, incidents, or potential security weaknesses or breaches. 

Monitor Restricted Areas

Our Security Guard Services Orange County will consistently monitor any restricted areas as well as supervise visitation logs to secure the facility's overall security. 


If you are in the market for a top-notch and professional security service, All American Statewide Security Services is the company for all of your medical facility security services. 

If you have any questions regarding our services or would just like to speak to someone from our team, please contact us today to get started on a solution for your medical facility security services. We are happy to go over any questions or concerns that you may have. 

All American Statewide Security Services Offer Medical Facility Security Services in the Following Areas: 

Orange County

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Bernandino



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