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Shopping Centers

If you are looking for professional and trustworthy shopping center security guard services, All American Statewide Security is the solution for you! We offer many different security services for your shopping center and commercial building needs such as patrol security guards, 24 hour security guards, and fire watch security guards. 

Why is a Shopping Center Security Guard Needed?

Across the US the retail industry on average looses roughly around $45 billion dollars each year due to theft, fraud, and organized crime.  The rising number of crime within shopping centers may be down recently but there will always be security issues that need to be addressed. 

With such a large amount of foot traffic on a daily basis is can be hard to be 100% aware of your surrounding at all times which is why it is crucial and key to have a shopping center security guard onsite to prevent and deter any additional theft or crime. 

Without sufficient security CCTV surveillance within shopping centers, malls, or other retail stores it is near impossible to accurately detect any theft or other criminal activity. In areas such as shopping centers, it is crucial to have a point of action in case of a fire, shooting, or other natural disasters. 

It is important to have a reliable, secure, and safe shopping center for customers that visit and confirm there is always a security plan in place for the worst scenarios. 

Security Guard Services Offered in Orange County

   Unarmed Security Guards

   Patrol Security Guards

   Armed Security Guards

  Private Security Guards

  24 Hour Security Guards

  Fire Watch Security Guards

What's Included in Shopping Center Security Services? 

All American Statewide Security Shopping Center Security Services include the following: 

  • Metal Detectors 
  • Fire Watch Security Safety 
  • Unarmed Security Guard Patrol
  • Parking Lot Security Guard Patrol
  • Armed Security Guards 
  • Security Patrol Guards 
  • 24/7 Manned CCTV & Surveillance 

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Shopping Center Security Guard

While there are dozens of benefits behind hiring a shopping center security the biggest benefit would be reducing and cutting down on overall theft and possible threats. The presence of a shopping center security guard onsite can deter and prevent potential shoplifters from stealing and reduce overall profits loss. 

Because your shoppers will feel more comfortable with a shopping center security guard present, you will also be creating a more secure, safe, and guarded environment for everyone. Call All American Statewide Security for your complimentary quote for shopping center security guard service Orange County, today!

All American Statewide Security Services Offer Shopping Center Security Services in the Following Areas: 

Orange County

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Bernandino



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